Review of the Short Film, Sugar, Starring Kalia Prescott

Sugar, starring Kalia Prescott is a finalist in Ron Howard's Project Imaginat10n contest.

You should see this short film. Kalia Prescott, the Hunger Games actress, is luminous as Sugar. It needs to be a feature. Let's hope a major options it.

Review of the Short Film “Sugar”
One orphaned girl struggles to survive in a not so distant future where society has succumbed to violence and become a kill or be killed world.
Written and Directed by Jasmine J. Johnson
Director of Photography Dan Hertzog
For those of you who aren’t aware, Ron Howard has been involved with Canon’s Project Imaginat10n. The twenty finalists have been chosen and can be viewed here
One of the short film finalists I particularly enjoyed is Sugar, written and directed by Jasmine J. Johnson. It is a visually arresting piece of modern storytelling and the acting is superb. I can't think of two better actors than Austin James Wolff and Kahlia Prescott (Hunger Games). Their character’s intimate moments seem real and innocent. Khalia’s Sugar is a terrific film pairing of actress and character.
Technically clean, the film is immaculately shot and Jasmine J Johnson’s direction and writing are wonderful. Spare as it needs to be for a short film but rich in detail and nuance (Sugar clocks in at a brisk 9:59). Every shot is a painstakingly arranged. For example, during the scene in the library two of the books over Sugar’s shoulder, were Life Matters and Hope Dies Last. It's little details such as those, which elevate the film.
Check out Sugar and the other 19 finalists. They are the future of film.


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